It’d Always Hurt.

It’s not always when we can share our sorrows with others. 

Nobody knows about it better than ourselves. Nobody can really empathize, afterall we have been hardwired this way, to give ourselves the utmost priority. Our lives have been blessed with sunshine and an equal (or hopefully lesser) amount of rain.

However when it comes to sharing our sorrows there are people who might show genuine concern, but might not go out of their way to help you. There are those who would pretend to care but actually do not and then those who would never leave your side, come what may.I don’t know if the last kind of people exist anymore, except your family (Life spoiler! In case you dont know already, people may come and go, but Family Is Forever.
I’ve gone through plenty of tough situation myself. Each time I would feel sad about it, cry about it at night and then carry that burden with me. I tried expressing it to my friends close to me, but somehow no one gets it the way I do. 

After all it’d always hurt….

Changing schools when I was little, hurt. Making new friends and leaving old ones behind, hurt. Getting treated wrongly, hurt. Seeing others sufferings, hurt. When someone told me they didn’t want to be my friend anymore, hurt. Adjusting to a situation, hurt. Countless mistakes I’d made, hurt. Being responsible all my life and looking at those who enjoyed their life on the edge, hurt. Not getting the thing you badly wished for, hurt. Misunderstandings, hurt. Failures, hurt. Not seeing a person again, hurt. Ability to pen down an infinite list of sufferings and still not being able to write them down, hurt.Because not talking to anyone about this and keeping it all to myself, hurt even more. 
The only way to cure these scars of sorrows is, to Talk

A wise woman once told me,“You are your best friend. You know yourself the way no one does. Always listen to yourself.” 

So, talk about it. To yourself or to someone you know who can keep your trust. It could be someone from family or friends. This is the only way to ease the burden. After all we have been blessed with both sunshine and rain. Our job is to forget the past and move forward. Ourselves or with the help from someone. There’s always hope if you go in search for it. What matters in the end is you live your life happily. Tough phases won’t last forever. Just believe.

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  1. yasminmay August 29, 2016 / 9:47 am

    Great post 🙂 well written, thank you for sharing


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