A Thought.

Heading towards the seat, vaguely knowing of the moving bus, I made myself move forward.But my mind was stuck….back.I knew it was raining, something I was not so overly fond of, however the things I’d just seen shifted my entire perspective.Unlikely of me, I sat near the window staring nothing in particular, my mind racing into thoughts.

“You’ve never seen them, nor might you. It’s just this one instance they cross your path.As if been destined to. And, Their one action changes your entire perspective.”


I was inside my umbrella cursing the rain when it grew more and more in force.The wind began to blow stronger spraying rain water all over me.With a sigh,I knew there was nothing I could do.My shoes started to get wet, my cheerful mood this early morning turned as glum as the sky outside and I couldn’t help but grumble to myself. My last hope died when the bus that arrived right on time everyday- was late.”There goes the day”, I thought.

That was when I heard a laughter.I felt a sudden shock, maybe someone was finding my reaction towards the rain amusing.Of course no matter how inconspicuous we try to be, we easily get caught up in our own world.I decided to simply wait for the bus and forget about the rain.Yet the laughter didn’t stop.This time I was sure it was a child’s laughter.Two or maybe more.With the urge of finding the reason for this laughter I turned back.

They were three very cute little children.Ragged clothes,muddied yet beautiful faces and very happy faces.The rain didn’t seen to bother them.Nothing did.They were simply clapping their hands and giggling.They were completely soaked and I couldn’t imagine how cold I would have felt to be in their place with the wind blowing this strong.Yet they didn’t show any sign of distraught-only pure joy.The two little boys continued to spiral and jump with a smile on their face and the girl moved towards a dwelling.That’s when my heat ached when I saw that they were street dwellers.They lived on the street’s footpath.A small portion of it was conveniently made their home by a plastic sheet tied on top to keep the small area dry.However,it quite failed to serve the purpose with the wind blowing this strong.The girl went inside and since that side of the dwelling was open I couldn’t help but keep watching even though it was wrong to invade someone’s privacy.The small girl went inside and tugged on a blanket.There was someone under it sleeping on a makeshift bed of wooden cartons. There were women sitting and talking inside completely oblivious of the heavy rain.The bus’s horn pulled me out of my reverie.I took one last glimpse behind and saw four faces now dancing and smiling in the rain.With a heavy heart that felt I was unable to do something for them, I climbed in the bus.

 Who are we to get annoyed and upset with small little things that have been going on since years or centuries,like the whether or politics, or something recent like a small tiff or being cranky to not get something we want.It’s because we have had our lives lived in a much easier way, that has incapacitated us of dealing with tougher situations.Sure we might sympathize or feel sorry to some extent, lend money or forget about it and carry on.But the question is: Can we really empathize?Can we place ourselves in their shoes and still be so happy?

Never Compare.You are more fortunate than most people.Feel Happy for the things you do have instead of those you don’t.It’s tough, but when you really think over it, It wasn’t really you who decided where to land up in this world- amongst the riches or the poor.My questions are simple. Is it the children’s fault that their parents don’t work?Don’t they have equal rights to the basic requirements that we’ve got? Without education how will they ever move forward and stop this miserable life for the coming ones. If we don’t think and act about it now, who knows it could be us next time.